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We found a secret stash of 10'000'000 Tron Unicorn Tokens (TUT) deep in the magical forests. A note nearby reading: "Those who believe in us, should receive our valueable and rare tokens". So this is what we did!

15%  Swapping Funds

1.5 million are feed into JustSwap enabling selling & buying from Day #1

in progress

80%  Staking Rewards

8 million are distributed as staking rewards. 0.5% daily for every TUT staked.


5%  Believers Funds

0.5 million are distributed to Tron Unicorn investors, kinda randomly 🦄

starting soon!

Buy & Sell TUT

TUT on JustSwap.io

Total Supply: 10'000'000 TUT

Staking ✨

With 0.5% ROI Daily you earn 15% TUT a month, 180% TUT per year!

  Stake TUT

Staking TUT returns 0.5% of the staked balance every day. You can unstake or claim your earnings anytime!

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