Daily Contract

TRON Unicorn

Investment; magic included

This contract run for over 4 months but is over now

4% - 8% daily dividends
Magical Bonus Payouts
3 Level Referral System
Secure Smart Contract

Total Invested

...+ TRX

Tron Unicorn Started


And still going strong!

Tron Uncorn is a Investment Smart Contract optimized for longevity and extra fun trough unique bonus structures & a generious referral program.

Pegasus Plan

4%   daily
% for Forever

Withdraw anytime
Dividends every second
Running Forever


Unicorn Plan

6%   daily
172% return after 32 Days

Withdraw anytime
Dividends every second
Running for 32 days


Potato Plan

8%   daily
130% return after 18 Days

Withdraw anytime
Dividends every second
Running for 18 days


Your Wallet: ...
...? TRX
Minimal Investment is: 25 TRX
Make sure you have ~ 3 TRX left for the Transaction

Magical Bonus

The last 10 deposits get 1% of each withdraw

The "Unicorn" gets 1% of every deposit

Total Investment

... TRX

Total Withdrawn

... TRX

Available for Withdraw


Withdraw (-10%)
Deposit Plan Withdrawn Time left
No deposits recorded with your account

Referral System

Use our Referral System to earn even more TRX You get paid 5% for every deposit a user referred by you is making.

You also get 2.5% for every user your referrals refer and even 1% for their referrals.

So essentially unlimited earning possibilities

Reward Referred
Level 1 5% 0
Level 2 2.5% 0
Level 3 1% 0

Your Total Referral Payout: 0 TRX

Your Referral URL

Be THE Unicorn

The role as Unicorn is a set and forget position within Tron Unicorn. The current Unicorn gets 1% of every deposit, directly to their TRON address as soon as a deposit is made. If someone else decides to get the new Unicorn you get your whole money back!

The last Unicorn gets all the fees!

Current Unicorn

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How does TRON Unicorn Investing work?

By investing with TRON Unicorn you deposit an custom amount of TRX to your specified terms and earn interest on it every second. You earn from 4 to 8% interest per day and can withdraw anytime! There also bonus payouts (check below).

By investing a big cut of the income in advertisment and using different mechanics and smartly choosen numbers TRON Unicorn is build to be a long lasting, profitable TRON (TRX) investment opportunity for any budget!

Why should we trust you?

The contract is verified on TronScan so you can see yourself. We have crunched the numbers to allow a long lasting game and have no "exit" build into the code, which we can not change. So there is no way to just run away, the contract is there on the blockchain and you can forever interact with it.

How does the referral system work?

When you invite users with your custom invite link and they invest money, you instantly get 5% of the invested amount to you earnings. Even better, if they refer further users you also get 2.5% for their investmens. And even a level deeper with 1% for 3rd level referrals.

How do the Magic Bonus Payouts work?

Everytime you deposit 100 TRX or more you are placed in front of the current "last 10 deposits" list. If someone else deposits after you you place is pushed back 1 position. There are 10 positions available and you can appear multiple times on that list. Everytime sometimes withdraws TRX from Tron Unicorn 10% are diluted to the last 10 deposits list. 1% Each.

Additionally the current Unicorn gets 1% of every deposit made.

What is "THE Unicorn"?

If you claim the Unicorn status as yours you get 1% of every deposit made, by any users. Evertime someone claims the Unicorn status for themself the price increases by 20%. If someone else buys your Unicorn Status you get your full investment back!

Why it is perfect for small & big investors!

Small & Big investors can highly benefit from the 10% deluted on every withdraw. The last 10 users who deposited receive 1% each, which can be a lot more than they even have invested. This means depositing small amounts often gives you a benefit to secure nice bonus payments! If you are a big investor you benefit anyway from our game being built to live long & profitable.